Lightning Cannabis Loans provides alternative methods of financing for cannabis related businesses and ancillary cannabis businesses. They have relationships with hundreds of investors and lenders to finance the growth of your cannabis business.

Cannabis businesses that need funding may acquire financing by leveraging a combination of valuable assets that our lenders will want to review in exchange for giving you more access to capital.

Lightning Cannabis Loans helps businesses obtain financing through the process of acquiring unsecured lines of credit for their clients through its vast network of lenders and lending institutions combined with their great expertise in approving their clients for funding. We start by leveraging your good personal and business credit scores to acquire unsecured lines of credit. These credit based financing methods are useful to companies looking to add more funding to their capital stack. These credit lines do not require collateral from the borrower, which might be helpful to many startups. Their main requirement is to have a personal credit score of 700 and above.
We offer Traditional and Non traditional lines of credit for our borrowers. Non traditional lines of credit, as classified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) have considered these unsecured lines of credits as credit cards for both business and personal. After all, a credit card is a line of credit issued in the form of a plastic card to a borrower. The bottom line is it can still be used as capital and give access to capital for the business to leverage its growth.

Cannabis business may also acquire funding through our network of private lenders and investors by offering up collateral through the form of real estate assets that can be readily liquidated in exchange for a loan to finance the company’s growth.
We also offer Equipment loans for business owners throughout the cannabis industry to secured funding their costs of equipment.