• We have a easy, simple, and quick process to fund your cannabis business.
  • The only requirement is having a personal FICO score greater than 700 on Experian, Equifax, and Transunion credit bureaus.
  • Get Pre Approved in less than 24 hours! Submit your application for funding here!

Advantages and Benefits

    • Funding amount: $25,000 - $250,000 per borrower! You may apply with as many borrowers as you can!
    • Collateral NOT required! These are Unsecured Lines of Credit that will NOT require you to put up any collateral such as your house, properties, or businesses just to get approved! This alternative funding will not require you to risk giving up equity in your assets or business revenue!
    • Low Interest Rates: Avail of our 0% introductory interest rates for up to 18 months!
    • Startup businesses approved!: This is the best option for startup businesses to get approved for working capital without showing any financial statements such as Tax Returns, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets, Bank Statements, or a Business Plan just to get approved!
    • Income Verification NOT required! We do not require Financial Statements, Tax Returns, or Bank Statements in order to get you approved!
    • Unrestricted Use of Funds: You decide how you want to invest on the funding you receive as you will be in complete control of them.
    • Lightning Fast Timeframe! Get all the funds you need in as little as 1 week!
    • $0 Upfront fees! We do not charge any upfront consulting or underwriting fees until you are actually funded at the end of our services which is a small nominal fee.
    • 24 Hour Complimentary Consultation! We do an initial soft inquiry in order to protect your credit scores and review your credit history to determine how much funding we will approve you on. We have same day approval process ready for you!
    • Credit Requirement: 700+ FICO Credit Score

We can approve you for funding up to $250,000 per borrower

The only requirement is a 700+ FICO Score

Lightning Cannabis Loans specializes in helping startup businesses get approved for funding in all areas of the cannabis industry.

  • We are able to leverage our client’s good credit scores to acquire alternative funding without any collateral or income verification involved.
  • We work with our network of preferred lenders and banks across the nation to get you maximum funding.
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